Small Home / Townhome/Condo

Property up to 2000 sq ft.

Approximate Photos = 20-30 - Qty will vary

About 45 Mins shoot time - 1.5 Hours editing time

PRICE: $150

Medium Home

Property 2000-3000 sq ft.

Approximate Photos = 30-40 - Qty will vary

About 1 Hour shoot time - 2 Hours editing time

PRICE: $175

Large Home

Property 3000-4000 sq ft.

Approximate Photos = 40-60 - Qty will vary

About 1.5 hours shoot time - 3 Hours editing time

PRICE: $200

X-Large Home / Farm

Property 4000-5000 sq ft.

Approximate Photos = 50-70 - Qty will vary

About 2 hours shoot time - 5 Hours editing time

PRICE: $250

Twilight Photos

All Square Footage 

Approximate Photos = 6-12 - Qty will vary

About 1 hours shoot time - 1 Hour editing time

PRICE: $125

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Features and Additional pricing.


  • Prices include true view windows in each room being photographed.

  • Blue sky replacements included.

  • Every house is different.  Each photo shoot will include at least one photo of every room.

  • Larger rooms (family rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms) will have multiple angles.

  • Multiple exterior shots of the house will include the front, rear, and backyard.

  • Exteriors will also include special features such as entry ways, decks, gazebos, etc.

  • Photos will be uploaded via dropbox in  medium resolution. This resolution is ideal for the internet/MLS.

  • You will receive all edited photo which you may select to use.

  • Luxury homes will include detail features to be used for publications.

  • Equestrian and other special properties, will include photos of barns, unattached buildings and land. Extra charges may apply.

  • Garages, Attics, and closets will not typically be included unless specified.

  • Editing for most properties will be finalized within 24-48 hours.